How to Use Support | Savance Enterprise

The Savance Enterprise Support pages were created to help you find answers quickly through an easy step-by-step process.

  1. Search: The search bar is the fastest and easiest way to find for what you are looking for. Enter your search information in the search bar at the top to search all of the support site.
  2. Knowledgebase: The Savance Enterprise knowledgebase is categorized under specific topics and interfaces. You can click through our knowledgbase to find a answer to your question.
  3. Chat: You can chat live with our staff when the Live Help icon is green, showing that live support is online. If the icon shows grey, you can still choose to leave a message and someone will get back to you.
  4. Submit a Ticket: You can also submit a ticket with detailed information about your problem. The knowledgebase auto lookup feature is displayed at the bottom.
  5. Contact Savance Enterprise - If you need to contact Savance Enterprise in person or need our physical address, please see the Contact page on our website.

The Savance Enterprise Support pages can be viewed by anyone, but we recommend that you register as a user on the Support page so that you can keep track of tickets and view responses from Savance staff. Simply fill out the form on the left hand side.

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