Customer & Contact Management
All Customer & Vendor Info in One Place

With the Savance Enterprise Customer & Contact Management module, all your customer information is kept in one single place. Pre-existing customer data gets added automatically across the system, saving time by removing the need to retype information. As an additional time-saver, you can build your customer list instantly every time someone calls or places an order. Use the Contact Management module to be more efficient and to establish a better way to communicate with customers, including the development of marketing campaigns. You will have all the information you need at your fingertips, including purchase and quoting history.

Select Benefits

  • All customer and vendor information in one single place
  • Never have to retype information again
  • Automatically prompt to add a new customer or contact
  • Instantly create a contact list of customers and vendors
  • View all customer information on a single screen
  • Use info to build marketing campaigns
  • Improve communications and customer service

Add Contact Reminders

Automatically prompt to add a new customer or contact, keeping your list of contacts up-to-date at all times. » Learn More

Communication Prompts

Follow-up prompts and communication reminders will help you establish a process of always getting back to your customers. » Learn More

Enhanced Customer Service

Improve customer service by improving communications with customers. » Learn More

Information Autofill

Save time and reduce typing errors by never retyping information. » Learn More

Instant Contact Database

Instantly build a customer list every time someone calls on the phone or places an order. » Learn More

Job Management

Manage an account’s jobs through job-specific invoicing, statements, reporting, blanket POs, and credit limits. » Learn More

Mobile Contacts

Get access to customer and vendor contact information from anywhere using a mobile device. » Learn More

Quoting & Sales History

Get easy access to complete quoting and sales history for any contact. Drill down to basically any information you need. » Learn More

Targeted Promotions

Target your customers and know what items to promote and sell. Inform about new products, or add-ons for already purchased items. » Learn More


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