Customer & Contact Management
All Customer & Vendor Info in One Place

With the Savance Enterprise Customer & Contact Management module, all your customer information is kept in one single place. Pre-existing customer data gets added automatically across the system, saving time by removing the need to retype information. As an additional time-saver, you can build your customer list instantly every time someone calls or places an order. Use the Contact Management module to be more efficient and to establish a better way to communicate with customers, including the development of marketing campaigns. You will have all the information you need at your fingertips, including purchase and quoting history.

Select Benefits

All customer and vendor information in one single place

Never have to retype information again

Automatically prompt to add a new customer or contact

Instantly create a contact list of customers and vendors

View all customer information on a single screen

Use info to build marketing campaigns

Improve communications and customer service


Add Contact Reminders

Automatically prompt to add a new customer or contact, keeping your list of contacts up-to-date at all times. » Learn More

Communication Prompts

Follow-up prompts and communication reminders will help you establish a process of always getting back to your customers. » Learn More

Enhanced Customer Service

Improve customer service by improving communications with customers. » Learn More

Information Autofill

Save time and reduce typing errors by never retyping information. » Learn More

Instant Contact Database

Instantly build a customer list every time someone calls on the phone or places an order. » Learn More

Job Management

Manage an account’s jobs through job-specific invoicing, statements, reporting, blanket POs, and credit limits. » Learn More

Mobile Contacts

Get access to customer and vendor contact information from anywhere using a mobile device. » Learn More

Quoting & Sales History

Get easy access to complete quoting and sales history for any contact. Drill down to basically any information you need. » Learn More

Targeted Promotions

Target your customers and know what items to promote and sell. Inform about new products, or add-ons for already purchased items. » Learn More


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