Document Management
Eliminate File Cabinets – Access Files from Anywhere

Manually filing and locating critical documents has always been a tedious task, but not anymore. Savance Enterprise’s Document Management module will allow you to eliminate file cabinets, as well as time spent sorting, filing, and finding documents. The system will automatically scan and index hundreds of different types of documents at one single time (no user intervention required), allowing you to view, print, fax, or email documents from anywhere in the world, using a computer or a mobile device. For your outside sales team – as well as your bottom line – this can make a world of difference.

Select Benefits

Eliminate filing cabinets once and for all

Automatically scan and index files without user invention

Instantly retrieve documents from anywhere in the world

See all related documents by linking items in the system

Advanced document search functionality

Leverage your existing hardware


100% Auto Indexing

Documents are scanned and indexed into the system, and automatically separated based on rules. No user intervention. » Learn More

Auto eDocs

Electronically capture and index every printed check or document for reference later. » Learn More

Automatic Form Recognition

Save time by automatically recognizing and pulling information from supplier forms. » Learn More

Automatic Information Verification

The system will automatically verify information read from OCR or from a barcode. » Learn More

Barcode Document Splitting

Spilt a batch of scanned documents using barcode identification. Choose to split when any barcode is found or a unique barcode is found. » Learn More

Batch Document Scanning

Automatically scan and index hundreds of different types of documents at once, rather than one at a time. » Learn More

Complete Product Integration

Complete integration throughout the product ensures you always have the right document when you need it. » Learn More

Customer Self-Retrieval

Give customers the ability to retrieve their own documentation, including invoices and proof of deliveries. » Learn More

Database-Driven Lists

Configure a list from a table, view, or stored procedure to pull data from a database. » Learn More

Document Zones

Create zones on all your documents, so when scanning documents, eDocs knows exactly where to pull information. » Learn More

Drag & Drop Variables

Easily drag and drop variables to map indexer fields to database table or stored procedure input fields. » Learn More

Dynamic List Creation

Create dynamically-driven list that are populated from a database or file during the indexing process. » Learn More

Existing Hardware Support

Low cost scanning solution that can leverage your existing hardware; no additional hardware is needed. » Learn More

Mask Editor

Use Visual Basic Script or Internal Masking to produce any result you need. You can also use built-in mask functions. » Learn More

Key Indexer Wizard

Use the Key Wizard to define the database look-up and the returned data will be available in the indexer. » Learn More

Mobile Document Access

View, print, fax, and email any document from any mobile device with access to the Internet. » Learn More

Object Linking

Create object links and instantly see all RFQ's and PO's that relate to a particular quote. » Learn More

Online Document Access

Access any document, no matter where you are, thanks to online document access with search functionality. » Learn More

Optical Character Recognition

Savance Enterprise features ORC technology, turning scanned documents into machine-encoded text. » Learn More

PDF Conversion

Convert files and stored information into PDF files in the system. View, download, print, or email from anywhere. » Learn More

POD/PO Invoice Attachments

Make sure customers have everything they need by including scanned PO and proof of delivery with invoices. » Learn More

Publish to Folder

Easily set rules and publish files to specific folders. Options to add, delete, modify, or skip when files are duplicate. » Learn More

Resize & Rotate

Re-size page widths and heights, and rotate files in order to make text and images fit. » Learn More

Run-Time Remapping

Remap any document and correct mistakes during run-time. » Learn More

TypeAhead Auto-Fill Tool

Auto-complete tool eliminates typing errors and saves you from retyping: type a few characters and TypeAhead does the rest. » Learn More

Quote Attachments

Attach any document (specification sheets, PDF's, Word or Excel docs, or TIFFs) to a PO/Order and quickly get it to the customer. » Learn More


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