Provide Quotes & Take Orders 24x7

Reach people across all geographical locations and sell more products with Savance Enterprise’s simple and straightforward online ordering solution with multiple payment options. Give customers the ability to buy, look up parts, and view account information online, without requiring the help of a salesperson; even show specific contract pricing to established accounts. Not only will you be able to simplify the buying process for your customers, but you will also cut the amount of time your employees spend on the phone or at the service desk taking orders or trying to locate information for customers.

Select Benefits

Create more business having your store open 24/7

Give store access to anyone or just to your customers

Online customer access to statements, PODs, and invoices

Broaden your market with an online presence

Simple, straightforward shopping cart and checkout process

Opportunities to sell dead or slow moving inventory

Free up more time for employees to obtain new business


24/7 Online Sales

Create more business having your store open 24/7. Customers can search and purchase items, and access all their account information online. » Learn More

Advanced Searching

Savance's advanced Google-like searching allows customers and employees to find parts faster. » Learn More

Built-In SEO

Search engine-optimized store pages and indexing in all major search engines increases your chances of being found on the Internet. » Learn More

Credit Card Processing

Choose from several options on how you want payments taken, and process several types of credit cards online. » Learn More

Customizable Store

The online webstore can be customized to fit into your branding. You can customize menus, colors, fonts, logo, and more. » Learn More

Easy Navigation

Make it possible for customers to quickly and easily drill-down to every part you sell, using main menus, sub menus, or graphics. » Learn More

Easy Online Shopping

Increase your chances of selling your products by providing an easy online shopping experience for your customers. » Learn More

Electronic Documents

Allow customers to login to access statements, proof of delivery, and invoices through your online store. » Learn More

Export Quotes & Orders

Give customers the option to export quotes and orders to PDF/Excel with one click. » Learn More

Favorites Lists

Customers can save items to Favorites for later purchasing, either during browsing or during checkout. » Learn More

Google Analytics Tracking

Get better insights into the behavior of your online store visitors with Google Analytics Integration. » Learn More

One Spot Item Details

With all the pertinent information about a part in one place, customers can easily view pricing, quantity, PDF information, and more. » Learn More

Online Messaging System

A built-in messaging system allows for easy follow ups and communication between you and your customers. » Learn More

Product Category Organization

Create categories for all your parts and each category drills-down to a configurable list of items. » Learn More

Saved Personal Info

All customer information can be stored within the system allowing for quicker billing, shipping, and checkout. » Learn More

Store Access Options

Choose to give store access to anyone or just to your existing customers. » Learn More

Simple, Speedy Checkout

With a simple, straightforward shopping cart, customers can quickly build orders and check out without any help from a salesperson. » Learn More

Trade Service Supplier Exchange

Keep your items up-to-date with our Trade Service and Manufacturer Disk Import wizard for prices, descriptions, images, and PDFs. » Learn More

UPS and FedEx Integration

Integrate with FedEx/UPS to calculate shipping estimates based on warehouse address, shipping address, and total order weight. » Learn More


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