EDI Management
Simplify & Automate Business Communication through Electronic Data Interchange

A very important component to automating business processes, Savance Enterprise's EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Manager allows your business system to speak the same language as those of your customers or suppliers. Using a standardized data format, you can send and receive information electronically, even when the sender and the recipient are using different technology. Easily streamline and automate processes related to POs, invoices, rebate claims, remittance advice, credit memos, and more.

Select Benefits

  • Process business transactions electronically through EDI
  • Immediate ROI thanks to native EDI support - No translation needed
  • Minimize manual data entry errors
  • Improve transaction speed and shorten order-to-cash process
  • Get real-time visibility into transactions
  • Reduce or eliminate expenses associated with paper, printing, storage, postage, and more.
  • Improve staff productivity by automating paper-based tasks

Support for Standard EDI Types

Send and receive standard EDI types like 810, 812, 820, 844, 849, 850, 855, and 997. » Learn More

x12 4010 Compliance

Create native EDI document x12 4010 compliant so that VAN translation services are not typically required. » Learn More


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