Point of Sale
Streamline Your POS Process for Speed & Efficiency

Savance Enterprise’s Point of Sale module was designed to optimize the front-end of your business. This is done by leveraging barcode scanners, credit card readers, and other technology, as well as by utilizing tools that protect both customer data and your own bottom line. When companies use separate POS and ERP systems, overlaps in functionality or lack of shared data tend to lead to confusion. With Savance, there are no worries: Point of Sale integrates fully with all other business functions, including Accounting, Purchasing, and Warehouse Management.

Select Benefits

  • Handle more volume by automating counter sales
  • Integrated signature capture and credit card processing
  • Protect cardholder data and reduce fraud
  • Optimize POS with barcode scanners and credit card readers
  • Faster check-out process for all customer types
  • Complete integration with all other business functions

Automatic Invoicing

If a user is in Point of Sale mode, invoices will be automatically generated for all cash sales. » Learn More

Barcode Scanners

Easy, straightforward barcode scanner setup to streamline the Point of Sale process. » Learn More

Credit Management

If a customer has exceeded their credit limit, an order will automatically be put on hold until it has been approved by appropriate channels. » Learn More

Handheld Ordering

Handheld ordering eases the entry of orders and gets the customer out the door faster. » Learn More

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Choose from several options for accepting payments, and process several types of credit cards, directly through the system. » Learn More

PCI & EMV Chip Compliance

EMV and PC chip compliance protect cardholder data to reduce fraud. » Learn More

Point of Sale Automation

Simplify the POS experience through the use of barcode scanners, credit card readers, and process automation. » Learn More

Return Request / RMA

Easily return an item not on an existing order at the counter, including issuing refunds or credit. » Learn More

Signature Capture

Signature capture is integrated directly into the business system, further simplifying Point of Sale. » Learn More

Streamlined for Speed

Streamlined Point of Sale process for all customer types (cash or house accounts). » Learn More

Stock Adjustments

If needed, make on-the-fly stock adjustments while entering an order. » Learn More

Wishlist Functionality

Custom showroom labels allow clients to retrieve instant info and build a wishlist right from your showroom floor. » Learn More


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