Reporting & Business Intelligence
Extensive Reporting Tools for Your Business

Savance Enterprise’s Reporting & Business Intelligence module helps you understand and improve your bottom line with customizable dashboards and reports. Always have the data that you need right at your fingertips, and save time by scheduling regular reports to be emailed to you in PDF, Excel, CSV, or text format. Savance Enterprise will even track customer buying habits and suggest stock levels.

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50+ built-in standard reports

Immediate insights into your sales performance

Automatically track customer buying habits

Always know the exact profit margin for your products

Save time by scheduling regular reports

Easily customize any report you need


50+ Standard Reports

Use the 50+ included standard reports to quickly see the biggest opportunities and track their progress. » Learn More

Custom SQL

Custom SQL allows you to build your own drop down menu based on values in the database. Advanced users only. » Learn More

Extensive Reporting Engine

Schedule graphical, color, on-demand reports to be emailed in .pdf, Excel, .csv, or text format to anyone, anytime. » Learn More

Lost Order Notes

Customize predefined answers to why a quote was not converted to an order, and save the information for later analysis. » Learn More

Margin Manager

Make smart selling decisions by always knowing the exact profit margin for all your products. Quick profit margin edits. » Learn More

On Demand Custom Reports

In addition to a number of pre-built reports, Savance Enterprise gives you the ability to customize any report you require. » Learn More

Profit & Loss

Easily view details of all profits and losses for a selected date range. » Learn More

Quote Reminders

Stay on top of sales efforts by scheduling Open Quote reports to be sent on a regular basis. » Learn More

Real-Time Reporting

Current balance, 30/60/90/120+ balances, conversion ratios, sales statistics, etc., always at your fingertips. » Learn More

Report Designer

Design your reports using a straightforward WYSIWYG editor. » Learn More

Report Export

Save or email reports in .pdf, Excel, .csv, or text format, scheduled or on demand. » Learn More

Report Scheduler

Save time by scheduling reports that you need on a regular basis, and have them conveniently e-mailed to you in PDF form. » Learn More

Sales Cycle Overview

View the entire sales cycle in one spot: initial quote, RFQs sent to vendors, POs placed, shipments, packing slips, and PODs. » Learn More

Sales Reports

Immediate insights into your sales performance using configurable sales charts organized by product, customer, or sales rep. » Learn More

Salesperson Performance

View salesperson performance and encourage competition within the sales team. » Learn More

Suggestive Purchasing

Tracks customer buying habits and suggests stock levels by comparing past customer order amounts. » Learn More

Template Import & Export

Easily import and export report templates to be shared with the user group. » Learn More

Third Party Integration

Option to use with third party reporting tools, for example Crystal Reports. » Learn More


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