Sales Management
Capitalize on Every Opportunity

With Savance Enterprise's Sales Management module, you can easily produce and send professional-looking quotes that are common to your entire organization. The bidding and quoting environment is built for productivity and efficiency, and can be customized to fit the needs of your business. Assign sales representatives to each account; set reminders to encourage follow up with customers; and ensure both staff and management stay on top of every opportunity.

Select Benefits

  • Always know the last price quoted from any salesperson
  • Professional-looking, unified quoting for every user
  • Start to finish insight on any orders, incl. related docs
  • Better follow-up process and internal communication tools
  • Easy access to all account info, ship tos, and contact details
  • Ability to work on multiple quotes at the same time

Assign Sales Reps

Assign a representative to each account: inside, outside, or counter sales. » Learn More

Automatic Allocation

Have the system automatically allocate against POs based on specific rules you set. » Learn More


Type in a close match to a part number and let AutoFind expedite your search by choosing the best-matched item. » Learn More

Commission Management

View commissions for any salesperson; pay commissions based on sales, profit, margins, and more. Support for multiple tiers. » Learn More

Configurable Displayed Costs

Administrators can set an adjusted cost for items and not allow salespeople to see the actual cost. » Learn More

Consistent Quoting

Get immediate quoted item history, and avoid quoting the same item differently to the same customer. » Learn More

Customized Bidding & Quoting

Customize your bidding and quoting environment to fit the needs of your business. » Learn More

Cut, Copy, Paste

Enter parts to a quote in no specific order, and have the flexibility to cut, copy, and paste with just a click of the mouse. » Learn More

Cut Product Management

Easily manage cut materials such as wire and pipe. » Learn More

Customer-Specific Templates

Create consistent, unique, and configurable customer-specific templates based on the account selected. » Learn More

Dispatch Viewer

Give staff the ability to view all the processes that go through the system from EDIs, emails, faxes, or printed documents. » Learn More

EDI Preprocessing

Import an EDI file and review the order instead of having it blindly dumped into the system. » Learn More

eFile Attachments

Attach any document (specification sheets, PDFs, Word or Excel docs, or tiffs) to a PO/Order and quickly get it to the customer. » Learn More

Easy Quote to RFQ/PO

With the click of a mouse you can easily convert a quote to a RFQ/PO without having to retype all the information. » Learn More

Excel-Style Order Grid

Common Microsoft Excel functions allows for faster and more accurate quoting and easier acceptance. » Learn More

Internal Comments

Ability to enter internal comments (never printed) that are readily reviewed by anyone internally opening the quote/order. » Learn More

Item Management

Seamlessly manage substitution parts, complementary items, commodity items, alias part numbers, and customer part numbers. » Learn More


Bundle items often purchased together, and use a single part number in a quote or RFQ to bring up all related items. » Learn More

Lost Order Notes

Customize predefined answers to why a quote was not converted to an order, and save the information for later analysis. » Learn More

Multi-Customer Quotes

Create one quote and send to multiple customers bidding on the same project. » Learn More

Multi-Warehouse Support

Right from the order grid you can check part information and availability from a single or multiple warehouses. » Learn More

Notifications & Reminders

Set reminders and never forget to send a quote to a customer, or to follow up on open quotes, updated pricing, promotions, and more. » Learn More

Margin Manager

Always know the exact profit margin for all products; easily make margin edits, and set minimum margin locks for converting quotes to orders. » Learn More

Multiple Open Quotes

Get more done being able to work on multiple quotes or orders at the same time. » Learn More

Object Linking

Create object links and instantly see all RFQs and POs that relate to the quote. » Learn More

Order Management

Track every facet of an order in one place. Get total insight into the who, when, where, and what of each order, from quoting to POD. » Learn More

Pricing History

Drill down and see all the times you quoted, sold, bought, discounted, requested a quote from a vendor, and more, for any item. » Learn More

Professional Quote Templates

Create and send professional-looking quotes that are common to your entire organization. » Learn More


Quote any item and quickly build it in your system when entering the order. » Learn More


Increase up-sell of products by adding suggested, complementary parts to orders, similar to Amazon. » Learn More

Virtual Folders

Be able to pull up every note, document, and attachment associated with a quote or order, from anywhere. » Learn More

Warning Manager

Warn or prohibit during printing, faxing, e-mailing, or order conversion for low margins and other configurable attributes. » Learn More


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